Sound module

I am not the author of this sound module. 
Discussion forum with the author of the project.

Here is the IMAGE for Raspberry PI.

Just unzip it and load it to the card, just like the original. 

After turning on the raspberry, after a while it will automatically restart, the image will shrink to a smaller size, so it will expand to your entire card.

The image contains:
SBusSound program, which starts automatically after boot (it is added to services). 

The program contains all the sounds that were on the video, but everyone can change them to their - Midnight Commander - for possible convenient editing and copying of files.Samba - there is an unshared directory directly with the program, so you can get to it over the network. It's public, so it's not encrypted in any way.The hard ethernet is set to DHCP, so if you put a network cable into the RPI, it will normally get the address and you can connect to it via SSHWiFi AP - automatically when it boots up, raspberry will load a WiFi called SBusSound. You can connect to it with a computer (if it has WiFi), laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. So far the configuration is only done via SSH, later I plan to make a clear web interface where everything can be set up.
Probably the most convenient way is to connect to the WiFi from my laptop, log in and run Midnight Commander with the "mc" command. The program is in /home/SBusSound. If you change anything in either file, you need to re-run the program to read the settings. This is done either by "killlall SBusSound" (the process will be terminated and the service will restart itself) or by "rebooting" the whole device.

If somebody is having trouble, I recommend to enable the "Debug=1" parameter in the ini. This will keep the files in the program directory up to date:SBusSound.log - it will list what commands are activated from the transmitterChannels.log - it will constantly show the current deflections of all 16 channelsSBus.log - data from SBus bus in HEX form. If something doesn't work, you can see from this if the data is being received well.

Access to Raspberry:

user: pi
password: raspberry

WiFi access:
SSID: SBusSound
password: raspberry