King Tiger II.

Model of the German heavy tank 1:10
The turret is ready for powerful airsoft mechanics Beretta M92 FS electric
For printers with Build plate 25x20 cm

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The King Tiger II, also known as the Tiger II, was a German heavy tank developed during World War II. It was the successor to the Tiger I tank and was introduced in 1944. The Tiger II was designed to deal with the increased armor protection of the Soviet T-34 and KV-1 tanks, and was equipped with a powerful 88mm gun.

The Tiger II saw action on both the Eastern and Western Fronts and was used in a variety of roles, including as a breakthrough tank and as a heavily armored support vehicle. Despite its formidable armor and armament, the Tiger II was plagued by mechanical issues, and its production was slow, with only a small number being built before the end of the war.

After the war, the Tiger II saw limited service with the armed forces of several countries, including Syria and Egypt, but it was eventually phased out and replaced by more modern armored vehicles. Today, only a few Tiger II tanks remain in existence, and they are highly sought after by collectors and military enthusiasts.

Overall, the Tiger II is remembered as one of the most powerful and distinctive tanks of World War II, and its legacy continues to influence the design of modern armored vehicles.