Merkava MK3

Model of Israeli tank for 3D printers with 23x20 cm build plate.
Combined timing belt and gear transmission - low noise and higher performance
Ready for DC and AC motors
High level of detail with respect to 3D printing possibilities

Scale: 1:10
Width: 397 mm
Height: 285 mm
Length: 792 mm
Weight: 9000 g

Building instructions can be downloaded here.

Price of STL files: 32 EUR

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The Merkava Mk3 is the third generation of the main battle tank developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The name "Merkava" in Hebrew means "vehicle" or "chariot." The tank was designed and manufactured in Israel with the aim of providing a high level of crew protection, combat effectiveness, and the ability to respond rapidly to various threats on the modern battlefield. Here are key points about the history and features of the Merkava Mk3:

  1. Development and Introduction into Service:

    • Development of the Merkava Mk3 began in the 1980s.
    • The tank was publicly unveiled in 1990 and began to be delivered to the Israeli army from 1993.
  2. Protection and Armor:

    • One of the key design elements of the Merkava Mk3 is a focus on crew protection. The tank features a heavy armored shell and an innovative construction to minimize the risk to the crew when hit by enemy fire.
    • The front of the tank is additionally reinforced with a layer of modular armor.
  3. Armament:

    • The Merkava Mk3 is equipped with a 120mm smoothbore gun, including the ability to launch various types of ammunition, including anti-tank missiles.
    • The tank also carries a machine gun and other defensive systems.
  4. Technical Innovations:

    • The Merkava Mk3 incorporates various technical innovations, including advanced navigation, communication systems, and target tracking.
    • Emphasis has been placed on improving the mobility and resilience of the tank in various terrains.
  5. Upgrades:

    • Over the years, various upgrades and improvements have been made to the Merkava Mk3 to maintain its combat effectiveness. This includes updates to electronics, weapons, and other systems.
  6. Combat Deployment:

    • Merkava tanks have been deployed in various conflicts, including operations in the Middle East.
    • Their participation in combat has provided the Israel Defense Forces with valuable experience and has facilitated further enhancements to the tank.

The Merkava Mk3 is one of the tanks that emphasizes a combination of high crew protection, firepower, and adaptability to diverse combat conditions.